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If you want to start a drone business, this is the book for you. From horse carriage to car, from standalone PC to internet, drones will revolutionize the aviation industry. There are already successful commercial drone businesses all around the world. Drones are currently in an emerging commercialization phase and those that start businesses now could benefit by being the first. Interest is growing in civil uses, including commercial photography, aerial mapping, crop monitoring, advertising, communications and broadcasting. Drones may increase efficiency, save money, enhance safety, and even save lives. There are hundreds of things a drone can do but this book focuses on 30 commercial applications that will generate an income for drone entrepreneurs. Applications are explained, sensors are recommended and workflows are discussed to show you how to crease a successful drone business. Appendix 7 200 Commercial UAV Applications, Appendix 9 Commercial UAV Sensor Manufacturing Companies, Appendix 10 Commercial UAV Manufacturing Companies, Appendix 11 Commercial UAV Component Companies, Appendix 12 Commercial UAV Services Companies, Appendix 14 Commercial UAV Insurance Companies

This book describes unmanned air, ground, sea and space vehicles in detail. The introduction is written by Brian Binnie, the test pilot for SpaceShipOne and second commercial astronaut. The chapters are written by the world expert Unmanned Vehicle University faculty members that have PhDs in engineering and an average of 25 years of experience in unmanned systems. After describing each type of unmanned vehicle, the book goes on to describe the technologies that are common between these vehicles such as sensors, communications and autonomy. The book is beautifully illustrated with 100 color photos to make the content easy to understand. It is written at a level for the average person with no equations or graphs. The book is intended as an undergraduate textbook in unmanned systems and has questions to challenge the student at the end of each chapter. It can also be used to motivate those seeking to establish a career in unmanned systems. Commercial applications for unmanned systems are interleaved throughout the book. The book is used as a reference for the Unmanned Vehicle University UAV Fundamentals Course, the most comprehensive UAV course in the world. There is even a chapter on technology transition for commercial applications written by an AUVSI Chapter President. Purchase this soon to be collectors item written by the world experts in unmanned systems. Prepare yourself for a future in this exciting new industry. It will be a hundreds of billions to a trillion dollar industry in the future. Will you be prepared to take advantage of the new opportunities in the unmanned systems career field?

In the commercial UAV industry, there will be millions of jobs created from thousands of companies all over the world. Revenues will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Whether you are a novice or expert, you will learn much about the commercial UAV industry by just reading though this very comprehensive dictionary. There are also 300 commercial applications explained and a summary is available in Appendix 1.

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