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About UVU Press

Unmanned Vehicle University Press is a publishing company that focuses on the publication of educational materials associated with unmanned air, ground, sea and space systems. We invest our time and resources to produce educational materials in the new and exciting career field of unmanned systems. We encourage you to share your knowledge and experience in unmanned systems though publication of a book.

In book publishing, being smaller and newer is an advantage. Large publishers  are like a department store as they have something for everyone. The variety may not be great and the depth may not be much but they usually have at least one book on every subject. No one on the staff knows much about the subjects of the books and the books are treated as anonymous "products."

Unmanned Vehicle University Press specializes in the niche area of unmanned systems. The staff is a team of experts with PhDs in engineering and a wealth of experience in unmanned systems. Authors know where to find their market because they join the same associations, read the same magazines and attend the same conventions. The secret to effective book distribution is to make the title available in places with a high concentration of (your) potential buyers.

You would normally require $3,000-$5,000 to publish most books, more if the book is full of color or is unusually large. UVU Press invests in authors in the unmanned systems industry and covers these costs.

UVU Press is a division of Unmanned Vehicle University, the only University in the world licensed to grant graduate degrees in unmanned systems engineering. A Certificate in Unmanned Systems Project Management is available for undergraduates. All course are online and International students are welcome
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