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Unlimited support to answer your questions and organize your book. Writing your first book is a large project that will take a minimum of three months to complete. UVU Press will help guide you through the process by giving you advice on choosing a title and subtitle, organization, topic selection for chapters and avoiding copyright issues. This service includes a free template to get you started with your book

COPY EDITING   $0.03 per word

If you need help with writing, this service is for you. The core components to produce a successful book are spelling, grammar, punctuation and flow. Our copy editors will check your manuscript for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation and rewrite the text to improve the flow. 
Copy-editors do not generally make large changes to an author's work. The goal is to correct the problems, make it readable, and preserve the author's intentions. Proofreading is a part of the copy editing that may involve reorganization. A copy editor will put punctuation where it belongs, remove extra punctuation, eliminate extraneous words, be sure that sentences make sense when you read them, and correct misspellings and typos. Our copy editing service consists of the following steps:

  • Checking for consistency in tone, terminology and reading level
  • Reviewing headings, captions, hierarchical lists and the placement of photographs, art and graphics
  • Alerting you to any potential copyright violations, acts of libel or invasions of privacy.
  • Checking the spelling and grammar
  • Watching for consistency in English usage
  • Querying any permissions that might be needed: Do you have permission from the artists, photographers or writers whose work you have included in your manuscript?
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